40 Useful .new Links To Improve Your Productivity

Links you might not know to help business and developers.

Martin Seeler
3 min readOct 30, 2021


Dot new or .new is a pretty new top level domain designed especially to generate some kind of action or to create new content on the fly. By using those links provided by many popular services, you can increase your productivity and optimize your workflow. But you have to know about them!

The following sections will provide some of the most useful links for people working as developers, in business areas or in other fields during remote work. Feel free to check them out and see, if they can help you with your day to day tasks.

Google Services

Google services are popular among many people, especially during the pandemic. They help to synchronize your documents across different devices. Also they help to collaborate with others while working from home.

If you have business work to do and don’t like to open your documents and hit the new button, check out these links!

Developer Shortcuts

Developers like to automate things as much as possible. Therefore, many famous companies among the developer community are providing .new domains to their services. Most of them are useful for frontend developers, but some are also great for machine learning specialists and data scientists!

The following is a short list of some examples:

  • pen.new creates a new CodePen sandbox for your next frontend
  • vue.new creates a new Vue project in CodeSandbox
  • ts.new creates a new TypeScript project in CodeSandbox
  • js.new creates a new…



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