8 VSCode Extensions to make you the most efficient web developer in 2022

Martin Seeler
5 min readFeb 7, 2022

The following list contains extension for Visual Studio Code to help you write more and cleaner code in less time, reduce errors during development and speed up your debugging cycles.

Although extension like bracket colorizer might be helpful, those kinds of extensions won’t help you to become more productive. If you want to be a 10X frontend developer, check out the following extensions!

1. Prettier

Prettier banner from https://github.com/prettier/prettier

Problems to solve 🤯

  • unnecessary changes in Git, because everyone uses his own coding style
  • endless discussions about the right coding style
  • spotting indentation errors in your code

Why it’s useful 🤩

  • generates pretty code styles while saving your file
  • supports all major (and even minor) languages
  • no setup or config files necessary
  • no more “tabs vs spaces” discussions (but let me know in the comments, which team you are 😉) means more time to code
  • never worry about your code style, just save it and be done with it

Where to get it 🔗

2. Auto Close Tag

Image from Auto Close Tag Github page https://github.com/formulahendry/vscode-auto-close-tag/blob/master/README.md

Problems to solve 🤯

  • hours of searching for the remaining closing tags

Why it’s useful 🤩

  • inserts closing tags for you (who would’ve thought 😅)
  • places cursor right between the tag after closing
  • faster and less typing

Where to get it 🔗

3. Auto Rename Tag

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