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Rise and shine in the time of a global pandemic, using machine learning and creativity.

The COVID-19 pandemic just hit the world. People are asked to stay at home. A lot of individuals have lost their jobs, are unable to work at the moment, or simply don’t know, what to do with their time.

The pandemic is causing people’s everyday lives to change completely. But every individual has a choice: how to handle this situation. It is now the time to shine and to make use of all this involuntary spare time! Increase your skillsets, learn new stuff, read books…

Move your data like a Pro!

You are a data scientist, a developer or some kind of data engineer, who needs some computation powers from AWS. You upload your files with scp from your local machine to your EC2 instance, and after some computations, you download them back to your machine.

If this scenario is true, you may have encountered some of the following problems:

  1. Download speed in this coffee shop is SO SLOW!
  2. Upload speed in this coffee shop is SO SLOW!
  3. My Spot instance was shut down, now I have to upload all files again!
  4. My spot instance was shut down, now all results…

How to use Teachable Machine by Google for fun!

Google has just released its version 2.0 for Teachable Machine, an awesome tool for anybody to experiment with Machine Learning in the browser.

Besides the default examples with webcam images and gestures, I was looking for something new. Something bigger! Solving a question, which is sometimes pretty hard to answer…

Is this guy homeless or just a hipster?

Martin Seeler

I’m a product of the 90’s crafting software for a living, interested in automated trading, artificial intelligence and functional reactive programming.

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